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Heal the Nations has been working for several years to develop a community health program in India. James Biswa and his wife, Martha, a registered nurse are providing health services to two villages, Chenga Busty and Kraprail. These villages are near Darjeeling, India, and are six miles from the Nepal border.
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Chenga Busty villagers are subsistance farmers and day laborers. Residents of Kraprail had mostly been employed by a tea factory, however it closed down over a year ago. Unemployment is rampant, and individuals have none of the social benefits available in America. Although there had been no Christians in these areas, they are learning about Christ from James, who has dedicated his life to service as a result of his own personal healing and salvation. James was sick for a month with fever, cough and chest pain before he came to the "end of his rope." In his own words, this is what happened next:

One night I felt tired and sad and began slowly to cry. Tears came by themselves on my cheek. My eyes were closed. Suddenly, something happened in my heart. I started to pray "Jesus Christ, you are the living God. I request you, Lord, give me life or death in this night because my wife and children cannot carry my heavy load." I cried slowly for a long time. I don't know when I slept. The next day when I opened my eyes I felt my whole body fly as a bird. I was healed of my suffering. This was a miracle for me. I said, "Thank you, Jesus!" I cried and confessed, "He is my Lord."

You can help James serve these villages in India. We need immediate financial support for James, Martha and the health program. To help, click here.

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