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Heal the Nations is sponsoring a community health program in remote Rakai, Uganda. The goals for this program are: 

  1. Reduce infant mortality rate through growth monitoring and immuniztions.
  2. Reduce malnutrition.
  3. Improve water supply and sanitation.
  4. Reduce maternal death rate.
  5. Provide basic health care and treatment of infectious diseases.
  6. Promote family planning and reduce sexually transmitted diseases.

In the years since the inception of this community health program, the infant death rate has been slashed to half its prior rate! We have helped villagers build fences around their water sources, to protect against contamination from animals. We are teaching nutrition, water sanitation, and treatment of diarrheal illness. Community health workers from each village have been trained, and assist our nursing staff in providing care for the people.
Ugandan Woman and Child


John Keba is director of this program. He is responsible for supervising and training nursing assistants, and volunteer community health workers from the villages. We have also hired Evangelist Pastor Andrew, who has led many of the villagers to salvation in Christ. A new church has been formed, and is in the process of building a meeting place, through donations from Heal the Nations.
Nurse Harriet


We are gratified to see the difference Heal the Nations has made in the lives of these children.

We have seen dramatic improvement in the health of children like these. Now we are supporting economic development through a program that trains village women to tailor clothing, raise poultry, and make crafts. Your support can help these women support their families To donate, click here.


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