Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

May 2019

Dear Friend:

Emmy is 18 months old. He was suffering from severe diarrhea that would not stop, so his family brought him to Heal the Nations clinic. He was so weak and dehydrated that we had to treat him very carefully until he recovered. His strength gradually returned and his entire family is so grateful.

Heal the Nations in Uganda is made up of a team of people who work closely together, bringing healthcare and community development to people like Emmy and his family who have no concept about good health, and no resources to support the healthcare we provide. Our health team saves lives, but they depend on us to provide funding in order for them to keep working.

Lydia is a 34-year-old woman from Kamatte.  She was pregnant and started having abdominal pain so she went to a medicine shop where they suspected she had early labor pains due to a UTI.  They gave her medicine to treat the UTI and Nifedipine to stop the labor pains.  This worked until she started bleeding.  She was worried so she came to our clinic.  Our staff examined her and discovered that she was fully dilated and the baby was breech. It was scary for a while because she was not even having contractions. By the Grace of God and the effective work of the clinic staff she delivered a healthy child and was extremely happy and grateful. The birth was successful despite the fact that the delivery room is only about 8 feet long! In fact the entire clinic is too small and nowhere near adequate to meet the needs of the people effectively, so we need your help to expand the clinic building.

I have a vision where every Christian is starting to come together like molecules in a snowflake. As each person begins to take his or her place the snowflake begins to crystallize into the perfect pattern.  This is a picture of the perfect body that Christ created us to be. In my vision everyone works together and there is no division.


But the reality we see in our world is so much different.  Our politics, our businesses, our international relationships and our everyday lives are centered on our own interests and ourselves. We cannot go on like this or we will tear each other apart. Thank God for sending Christ who bridged the chasm separating us from God. Now God is giving us the Ministry of reconciliation.  We have an opportunity to stand in the gap and bring people back together. Christ is building a bridge to heal our relationships!

The recent famine in Uganda destroyed people's hope so they could not even function in their communities.  The gift of food to these families has restored hope and health for many mothers and children. The medical care and food meets the physical needs, but it also demonstrates the love of Christ. That love is contagious and starts to flow out of others.

The same spirit that is in us has been poured out into the people of Uganda.  Inspired by our example, 20 Ugandan pastors and leaders have come together to form a new ministry named “Hand of Love Ministries”.  This ministry has already collected food, clothing, and household items. They have been able to provide these supplies for some of the most needy families in their communities.

I am thankful that Christ has shown us the way.  He changed my life, and showed me that I am part of something bigger than myself.  I do not have to fight for everything I need. I can let go of all that worry and put my trust in Him. Then caring for others becomes a natural part of who I am. I am happy that he connected me to these people in Uganda who are so far away.  Their needs seem insurmountable at times, but it is so exciting when I get to see some of the miracles that are taking place:  A dehydrated boy recovering, a mother delivering a healthy baby, the hungry fed, and a community that is coming together to meet the needs of their own people.

We are building a bridge of hope and love that will unite us!


Paul Higbee MD

P.S. We need a new clinic building to be more effective. It will take $30,000 to build it. Any support you provide will assist the people we serve, and is much appreciated!