We are making a difference!

October 2019

Dear Friends,

Sharron is a 7-year-old girl whose family carried her to our clinic at 2:00 o'clock in the morning all the way from Kabashamboo Village, which is 7 miles away.  She was so sick with vomiting and diarrhea that she was nearly unconscious.  Our clinic staff worked rapidly until she was stabilized.  After her laboratory tests confirmed that she had typhoid fever, we treated her specifically for this and she recovered. Her mother was very grateful for the effective care provided by Heal the Nations clinic.

Before Heal the Nations started this clinic, I'm confident Sharron would not have survived. In those days, there was no functioning healthcare program in the entire subcounty, and the district hospital is a full day's walk. Most people were reluctant to go there even when their lives were at stake.  I want to be clear that the healthcare program we offer is very basic and it does not have the capacity to diagnose or manage a quarter of the kinds of problems that I see in my clinic in America.  But I know that the care we provide in Uganda is saving lives!

We have been chosen to bring good news and basic medicine to people who have been forgotten. But long before we were chosen to go, God sent good news and healing to lift us up, and to give us renewed life.  He continues to supply us with everything we need and He is transforming us so that we will become like Him.  Because He is transforming our hearts to feel His compassion, we are able to reach out to the poor and neglected and to the sick and dying.  He gave us the power to save Sharron's life, and seeing her testimony is such an amazing reward!

Mustafa is 25 years old and was also brought to the clinic when he was very weak and could not stand on his own feet.  He had a very high fever and was vomiting until there was nothing more to vomit.  Test results showed the presence of severe malaria.  He was strengthened with supportive care from the clinic staff, and treated for the malaria until he recovered.  After recovery he was very grateful for the treatment and care he received.

When I first went to Uganda, I did not understand all the tropical illnesses or the language, but it was easy to spot some of the people who had malaria.  You could tell that they had malaria because they had been treated by the traditional healer ("Witch Doctor").  The traditional healers would use a stick from the fire to burn the patient over their left upper abdomen, and a simple examination confirmed a very large spleen which is a common finding in patients with chronic malaria infestation.  But these people were not getting effective treatment.  Now we have trained health care workers along with nurses and clinical officers.  We have laboratory testing and medications that are proven effective for malaria management.  There is no question in my mind: We are making a difference!

Kasande is a pregnant woman whose husband brought her to the clinic in serious condition with bleeding and abnormal contractions.  The clinic staff were able to stop the contractions to save the baby.  Then they found that she had severe malaria and treated her for malaria until she recovered.  The patient's husband commented on the state of health care in this area when he said "it is not obvious that when you go to the hospital that you will get back home in good health."  He gave glory to God and blessed the program provided by Heal the Nations.

God has chosen the present time to bring healing to Uganda. He has provided every blessing we have experienced as a result of His gifts to us through Jesus Christ. And we are now in a position at this moment in time so that we can bring healing to Uganda.  God will heal Uganda whether we are involved or not, but we have a unique opportunity to be a part of this miracle and of the blessings that God will provide.

And it's not just the obvious miracles that happen, it is the routine care that takes place every single day. For example, in the month of July, we provided 617 childhood immunizations and took care of 66 pregnant women with 11 of those women giving birth, all under the care of our program.

I have authorized Ben, our clinic director, to start the building program at the clinic.  I am thankful for the donations that have been received, and I have pledged moreā€¦ by faith.  We have also modified the plans in a way to maximize the benefit within the available budget.  The new rooms will give us the capacity to better meet the needs of people like Sharron, Mustafa, and Kasande.

I'm excited to announce an important new opportunity. Our headquarters building has never had regular electric power, but they are putting up electrical wires which will go right past our building.  We just need $500 in order to bring the electricity into the building.  I'm planning ahead to a time when we can train people in this facility with advanced skills that require electric power.

I am thankful for the support of all those who donate to this program.  And I feel blessed that I can see lives being saved.  I am confident that God is working through us to build up his body.  He is using us to lift up the weakest members until his strength is in each one!


Paul Higbee MD

Will you be part of the miracle in Uganda?

$125: Lab Technician monthly salary

$141: Nurse monthly Salary

$500: Connect electricity for our headquarters